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At an affordable rate!!!

Live Music

Looking to take your Spotify library to the next level without spending a fortune We've got you covered! Record your set with top-notch audio that's professionally mixed and mastered. And that's not all we'll capture your performance from multiple camera angles, so you can create exciting content to share on all your favorite platforms!



An affordable way to create a comedy special recording, and it can also be used to create engaging content for social media feeds or Patreon subscribers. With multiple camera angles and high-quality audio, comedians can showcase their talent and connect with their audience in new and exciting ways. This is an amazing opportunity to elevate your comedy career to new heights!


Events, Panel or corporate event

Having your event or panel recorded is a great way to reach a wider audience expand your customer base in today's global economy. By distributing the recording, you can provide valuable content to those who couldn't attend in person increase your brand's visibility. Let us help you capture your event and share it with the world.

Live music Photography

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